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Blackcurrant Bush Information

Cropping Table (png image) (All cropping times are shown only as a guide, and are based on average cropping times observed in Kent)

Early Season Blackcurrant Varieties

*BEN GAIRN - Early season (cropping guide: 4th week June until 3rd week July)

Ben Gairn produces medium-sized berries with an excellent flavour. It is the only variety resistant to Reversion Virus, one of the main blackcurrant problems, especially in gardens and allotments. It also has excellent resistance to foliar diseases making it an ideal organic variety.

BEN SAREK - Early season (cropping guide: end June until 3rd/4th week July)

This variety produces heavy yields of large berries for culinary or dessert use. The size and dark colour of the berries makes it popular among those growing fruit for shows. A compact bush, it is ideal for containers or smaller gardens where space is limited. It has excellent resistance to foliar diseases, especially to Mildew.

*BEN CONNAN - Early season (cropping guide: 3rd week June until 3rd/4th week July, peaking 1st week July)

This medium-sized variety has high yields of exceptionally large fruit that should be left to ripen well before picking. It is popular among those growing fruit for shows. It has outstanding resistance to the foliar diseases and also to Leaf Curling Midge, which is a big asset to the organic grower.

Mid Season Blackcurrant Varieties

*BEN HOPE - Mid season (cropping guide: 1st/2nd week July until end July)

An exceptionally high yielding variety, producing medium-sized berries on long strigs, and it is probably the best flavoured fruit of all our blackcurrant varieties. It shows good resistance against most foliar diseases, and is a Gall Mite-Big Bud-Reversion resistant variety. It grows tall, so is best suited to a sheltered site.

Late Mid Season Blackcurrant Varieties

*BEN ALDER - Late mid season (cropping guide: 2nd week July until end July)

A very vigorous high yielding variety producing medium-sized berries of excellent quality. It has good resistance to foliar diseases, but can be susceptible to Gall Mite, Reversion Virus and Leaf Curling Midge. It complements our other organic selections by fruiting later, and still maintains its place in the organic garden.

Late Season Blackcurrant Varieties

*BEN TIRRAN - Late season (cropping guide: 3rd week July until 1st/2nd week August)

This vigorous, high-yielding variety produces medium-sized, juicy, good flavoured fruit about two weeks later than other varieties. It has excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew and Leafspot, but can be susceptible to Gall Mite, Reversion Virus and Leaf Curling Midge. It is a very useful extension to the fruiting season. Keep watered through dryer spells.