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Top quality soft fruit plants Direct from the propagators

Online Catalogue

*Cupid Organic


An exciting new EMR variety that produces attractive, glossy, bright orange-red fruit with a uniformly conic shape and excellent flavour. Resistant to multiple diseases, including Verticillium Wilt, Crown Rot, Powdery Mildew and Black Spot. Some degree of fruit rain tolerance has also been noted, which is an advantage for a late season variety.

Runners BareL. Oct - MayLateYear 1PHPS Certified Protected OrganicStrawberries


Sorry, not currently available (see "Delivery Updates")

*Cupid - organic - 1x5 plants (+9.55)
*Cupid - organic - 1x10 plants (+14.95)
*Cupid - organic - 1x20 plants (+27.85)
*Cupid - organic - 1x30 plants (+38.20)
*Cupid - organic - 1x40 plants (+47.05)