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Gooseberry Bush Information

Culinary / Green Varieties

GREENFINCH - Mid season

A compact bush with only a few spines that produces heavy yields of smooth, green culinary fruit with a superb flavour. This variety has excellent resistance to foliar diseases, including Mildew. It's great for organic growing, especially where space is limited.

INVICTA - Mid season

A very high yielding culinary variety, which produces large, fleshy, smooth skinned, pale green berries, great for cooking and freezing. The fruit has a lovely flavour when fully ripe. It's a vigorous grower with spiny wood and good Mildew resistance, and is easy to grow as a bush or cordon. It is a very popular variety.

Dessert / Red Varieties

*MARTLET - Late season

A medium-sized bush, Martlet has high yields of smooth-skinned, red dessert fruit of lovely flavour that can be tear-drop shaped. It has excellent resistance to foliar diseases and is a newer variety that we have found is great for organic growing.