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Our farm

For many years this has been a traditional livestock rearing farm and is in excellent heart. We have sheep and cattle which allow us to naturally maintain fertility, use long rotations and utilise our permanent pastures and hill grazing.

Being on the edge of several different habitats - heather moorland, ancient woodland, traditional grassland and small areas of wetland - the biodiversity here is unique. We have recorded over 50 species of birds, from redstarts to red kites, and we have a very diverse flora too.

Our family started growing nursery fruit bushes in the 1960s and when we found that other types of soft fruit grew so well here, we increased our range to include all the major types. We have a wide range of strawberry plants and fruit bushes, all organically grown, as well as raspberry canes, which are grown biologically.

We have always believed in raising our plants so they experience minimal stress, giving them a natural resilience to pests and diseases. This has meant minimal use of chemical sprays, which we found increased plant stress, and looking after the soil so the plants have all the nutrients they need. We treat our soil as a living organism, and look after and feed the organisms living in it so that it, in turn, provides all of the support for healthy plant growth.

We also have a team of local, skilled people who work with the plants all year round. It is their dedication, in all weathers, together with careful day-to-day management, that ensures the high quality of our plants. Throughout the growing season we rely on hand hoeing, weeding and cultivation to keep the crops clean and to reduce the stress on the plants. Through the autumn, winter and spring, the plants are lifted, hand-selected and carefully packed ready for despatch.