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Top quality soft fruit plants Direct from the propagators

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Autumn Bliss - Low Input

Autumn Bliss -

An easy-to-manage primocane with wonderfully flavoured fruit of medium size, usually cropping from August until the first hard frosts. A firm favourite for many gardeners. The short canes can be grown in a bed system on a sheltered site with minimal supports. It excels in damper conditions and is resistant to Root Rot. Highly recommended for organic growing.

Year 1 BareL. Nov - MarLateYear 1PHPS Certified RHS AGM  Low-Input Raspberries


Sorry, not currently available (see "Delivery Updates")

Autumn Bliss - low input - 1x5 canes (+14.45)
Autumn Bliss - low input - 1x10 canes (+22.80)
Autumn Bliss - low input - 1x25 canes (+47.70)
Autumn Bliss - low input - 1x50 canes (+66.25)