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Top quality soft fruit plants Direct from the propagators

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*Glen Magna - Low Input

*Glen Magna -

This variety produces very large, dark red, sweet fruit. Several of our customers have used it successfully for showing. The canes are strong growing and moderately spiney, with good resistance to cane diseases, especially raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV) and root rot.

Year 1 BareNov - MarLateYear 2PHPS Certified Protected Low-Input Raspberries


Sorry, not currently available (see "Delivery Updates")

*Glen Magna - low input - 1x5 canes (+14.45)
*Glen Magna - low input - 1x10 canes (+22.80)
*Glen Magna - low input - 1x25 canes (+47.70)
*Glen Magna - low input - 1x50 canes (+66.25)