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Growers (Commercial)

We have a nationwide reputation for quality fruit plants and supply specialist fruit growers, PYO farms, farm shops, market gardeners, garden centres and nurseries.

We are one of a very few propagators who choose to be inspected and certified by the Fruit Propagation Certification Scheme (FPCS). This is a voluntary scheme run by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

The bush fruits have been grown on from cuttings taken from our FPCS inspected and certified parent stocks and we have carefully managed and inspected them on a very regular basis throughout the growing season.

Our customers tell us that our plants respond rapidly to softer environments and establish quickly.

Nurseries and Garden Centres: Please note that in season we can supply smaller grades of plants that are ideal for potting or containerising.

Fruit Bushes and Cuttings

Our blackcurrant bushes are grown from our own FPCS certified stocks. We propagate blackcurrant bushes and cuttings for Ribena growers and grow all the relevant juicing varieties. We also have specialist varieties for fresh and PYO markets.

The stocks are grown in a sparsely populated area, at altitude, in some of the healthiest conditions in the UK, and we have unique isolation from any commercial fruiting plantations.

We multiply up our stocks from FPCS Foundation plants supplied from SCRI, through two-three generations, which gives us control from the earliest possible stage. We can supply one year old bushes grown from these stocks, many of which are organically grown, and also hardwood cuttings.
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Fruit Breeding Programmes

Information about breeding programmes and the SCRI fruit varieties.


Information about breeding programmes and the Meiosis fruit varieties.